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Torch – Tiny Flashlight is the simplest and most efficient flashlight app on the market!

Having a flashlight option on your phone comes in handy more times than you may realize, whenever you lose something at home or simply need more light outside. A real light source might not always be possible and that's why Torch – Tiny Flashlight is the app you can always count on wherever you are.

Torch – Tiny Flashlight works on a wide range of mobile devices and it’s the fastest, brightest and most reliable flashlight on the market. It turns your phone’s camera LED light (typically used for flash photography) into a torch you can use in the dark.

If your device doesn’t have a camera LED, the app can still be used to activate the basic white screen light but it also lets you use different presets like Morse code, police signals and strobe lights. This option can also be used if you simply want to save your phone’s battery.

There are many cool customizations options like the ability to add widgets for quicker access on your device and change your screen lights’ colors and brightness, to match your needs.

Always be prepared, wherever you are, with Torch – Tiny Flashlight.

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jana 11 months ago

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السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته الفلاش مررررررة حلووووو❤❤❤❤

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Taim mohamad 1 year ago

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naice its useful

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Ahmed Barea 2 years ago

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best version

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danfor 2 years ago

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exelente muy buena app

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